Leisure Renovation

Brand image, quality environments and the customer experience are crucial to success in today’s highly competitive leisure industry. It’s therefore essential that leisure businesses can rely on highly skilled and reliable specialists able to respond quickly to their ongoing need for refreshes and renovations.

Building with pride

At CoreBuild we’ve had the pleasure of delivering top quality, cost-effective renovations in luxury spas, gyms, and events venues -and the even greater pleasure of seeing our delighted clients when the works were completed! We’re proud that our clients describe us as ‘respectful’, ‘impressive’, ‘skilled’, ‘professional’, ‘well-organised’ and ‘courteous’.

Specialising in projects in the Leeds and Wakefield region, we’re the ideal local renovation partner for your leisure industry. We work in close partnership with you, our client, and lighten your burden by managing every aspect of your project from start to finish.

Looking for a renovation specialist for your leisure venue? Call us today on 07818 047 406 and let’s talk!

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